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Bio-Dynamic Preparations in use at Lloyd's Vineyard

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Preparation 500 is also called the humus preparation. It is made by placing fresh cow manure in the outer shell of a cows horn and is composted during the winter months. When dug, it is quite different in appearance and consistency It is very rich in phosphorus producing bacteria.

It is added to tepid water and stirred for about an hour in a back and forth motion to create a vortex and then broken down, which adds oxygen to the mix. It is applied by directly spraying onto freshly cultivated soil, where it fosters desirable biological processes and benefits root formation.

One portion, enough for one hectare weighs about 100grams.


Juice Factory

Preparation 501, the silica spray, is based on very finely ground quartz crystal. It is ground to a very fine powder and mixed with clean water.

This is then applied to the foliage and helps the formation of living plant substance in the green leaves under the influence of sunlight. It aids the plants photosynthesis.

One portion, enough for one hectare is about 3.5grams.


Preparation 502 yarrow prepared in a stags bladder.


Juice Factory

Preparation 503 chamomile prepared in a cows intestines.


Preparation 504 stinging nettle prepared in the soil.


Preparation 505 oak bark prepared in a sheep’s skull.


Preparation 506 dandelion prepared in skin around cows intestines.


Preparation 507 Valerian extract.


Preparation 508 Equisetum Tea