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Lloyd's Organic Harvest fruit juices. A uniquely diverse range of fruit juices - produced in the most natural way possible, and a proven success for health conscious people.

Bio-dynamics - A Natural Progression

The Vineyard's organic farming techniques had always been common practice on the vineyards. Ian had never considered embracing the chemical farming evolution. He could see the long term effects it placed on the environment and human health, and therefore was determined to continue with his organic principles, despite the criticism he endured.


In the early 1970's Ian studied the bio-dynamic methods of agriculture in depth, and was convinced that the holistic approach and methods involved were necessary for optimal soil and plant health and wellbeing, and ultimately the health of the consumer.

Ian became registered with Demeter in the mid 1970's and then later with the Biological Farmers of Australia at the time of its inception in the early 1990's. Ian Lloyd's youngest son, Darren continues to farm according to the bio-dynamic principles. The vineyards produce many varieties of grapes, and a variety of stone fruit as well.