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Lloyd's Organic Harvest fruit juices. A uniquely diverse range of fruit juices - produced in the most natural way possible, and a proven success for health conscious people.

What is Bio-dynamic?

Understanding a Very Important Concept

Certified BIO-DYNAMIC means that produce has been grown (and processed) without the use of artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides or herbicides, fumigants or genetically modified organisms and uses a system of sustainable farming developed by Dr Rudolf Steiner in the 1920's.

Dr Steiner considered that modern agriculture was losing its holistic approach to the dynamic management of soil, plants, animals and the cosmic forces of nature.

He espoused the principle that a farm should be considered as an organism or self-contained entity. As far as possible the bio-dynamics of the farm should be in balance and harmony. In practice, this is achieved by avoiding the use of toxic chemicals for controlling pests and the use of artificial fertilizers, balancing farm outputs to inputs, developing sustainable ratios for cultivation, cropping and livestock activities, and using on-farm materials for soil enrichment rather than matter introduced from outside the farm.

Bio-Dynamic agriculture places emphasis on the health of the soil and the means to maintain this naturally. Crop rotations, special techniques for composting and manuring and the formulation of unique "Bio-Dynamic" preparations to foster soil and plant interaction are part of the Bio-Dynamic practice.

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