Lloyds Vineyard Certified Biodynamic

Lloyds Organic Harvest

Pure Certified Bio-Dynamic Grape Juices Since 1977

Lloyd's Organic Harvest fruit juices. A uniquely diverse range of fruit juices - produced in the most natural way possible, and a proven success for health conscious people.

100% Pure Grape Juice

Eight Unique Varieties To Choose From

Organic Biodynamic Grape Juice

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Organic Harvest Classic

Organic Harvest Select

A range of eight different varieties of Pure Grape Juice made from Certified Bio-dynamic grapes. They all depict the full bodied flavours, characteristics, and nutritional value, of each grape variety.

No artificial preservatives, colourings, flavourings or additives are used at any stage of production in any of our products. All our juices are single strength, natural juices, “Not From Concentrate”, and all can be diluted to taste.

The 'Classic' range is in stock at all good bio-dynamic and organic foods retailers. The 'Select' range may need to be ordered for you!

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